Pindle Co., Ltd.
Pindle Gems Terms and Conditions

Pindle Gems are Pindle Co., Ltd.’s (hereinafter referred to as the Company) proprietary point system that is available to all users on the platform as part of the general features and functionality of the Pindle app. The purpose of Pindle Gems is to create community engagement by permitting users to collect points (hereinafter referred to as Gems) and redeem with merchandise, transfer to other users and/or donate to NGO partners on the Pindle platform. The Company does not in any way place monetary value on any unit of Pindle Gems.

Duration, modification and termination
The company reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate the Pindle Gems system at its discretion with or without notice. The above action may affect the user from accumulating Gems and redeeming them for merchandise, transfers to other users and/or donations to NGO partners. A user’s participation in Pindle Gems constitutes his or her acceptance of the changes to the Pindle Gems Terms and Conditions.

Earning Gems
Gems can also be earned from other users on the platform. Users have the right to transfer 10, 50 or 100 Gems to other users of their choosing without any transfer restrictions. Gems may be rewarded to users based on criteria such as but not limited to content quality (e.g. photo quality, title & description, geotagging accuracy), marketing and promotion purposes (e.g. Pindle contests) and other special cases. All transfers are final upon completion and cannot be refunded or modified in any way.

Redeeming Gems for merchandise
Pindle will operate a merchandise store (hereinafter referred to as the Gem Store) where users can redeem available items for specified amounts of Gems. All transactions are final upon completion and refunds will not be permitted. All merchandise will be sent via regular mail and delivery date will not be specified or guaranteed. The Gem Store will only send merchandise that is available in inventory, and this may not be consistent with what is displayed on the app. In the event an item cannot be sent to a specific country via Pindle’s regular mail carrier, an alternate item will be sent (e.g. online gift card). Depending on the item selected on the Gem Store, local duties and taxes will be determined by the receiving country’s customs agency. Payment of all such duties and taxes will be at the responsibility of the user making the exchange on the Gem Store.

Transfer and donating Gems
Gems can be transferred to other users on the platform by specifying the number of Gems on the post of another user. Gems can be transferred in units of 10, 50 or 100. All transfers are final. Gems can also be transferred to Pindle’s NGO partners in the same way – through the NGO’s posts.

No cash value or transferability
Pindle Gems do not represent any cash value, constitute property and entitle users to a vested right or interest. Outside of the Pindle platform and Gem Store, Gems are not redeemable for cash, transferable or assignable in any way. Gems are also not transferable upon death of the account holder, as part of a domestic relations matter and by applicable law in the region. The sale of Gems is strictly prohibited – this includes any secondary markets or 3rd party programs. Should the Pindle Gems system no longer operate, any remaining points in an user account will not be compensated.

Gems expiration
Gems earned will expire at the end of the calendar month if an user has not activated their Pindle account for a consecutive 24 months. Expired Gems will be automatically donated to a fund that Pindle will manage centrally. Once a year, the fund will distribute to qualified NGOs.

Gems management
The number of Gems collected by each user will be tracked by the user’s Pindle account. Gems will be credited to an user account after transaction confirmation. The user is responsible for ensuring that his/her Gems are properly credited. Any claim for Gems not credited accurately must be received by the Pindle Gems team within seven days of the date claimed accrual of such Gems. Manual issuance or Gem adjustments can take up to sixty days.